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He is scary, especially so imo due to his natal hidden places 12th house being so powerful Leo 12th cusp, ruled by Sun in Gemini in the 10th of rulers, conjunct both Mercury communications and the Moon the people , and Pluto rising see chart in the link. It seems to me that Mueller is a genius at getting around obstacles. I like to think that Barr is, in his attempt to apparently shield Trump, also buying time.

For whatever reason, he has finagled his way into the picture. This might explain his motivation. Augmenting that will be transiting retrograde Saturn in Capricorn — especially in July 17 to 15 deg. The present Saturn-Pluto cycle will be drawing to a close and the chart for the start of that cycle Nov. The new Saturn-Pluto cycle starts then with their conjunction on January 12, I believe Mueller will be influencing the US Congress up to that point, if not longer, with his testimony of facts from his investigation that Barr essentially buries from the Public.

It seems like a relatively minor aspect to me, but then what do I know. I think Barr may have to re-evaluate his position at this juncture esp. Adverse info affecting Trump at that time? With the Barr decision seemingly taking him out of the frying pan, Jupiter? Is this overreach? Will it hasten his fall? Sharon K, Yes. It WILL hasten his fall, as he now will begin taking vengeance upon perceived enemies, in his mind traitors against the state, i.

That configuration between Pluto-Saturn, Neptune and Chiron is called a Yod and calls for an adjustment. What this says to me is there is a consolidation of power stellium in Scorpio that needs to be balanced Libra through elimination South Node with force Mars , and that power is primarily found in government and other long-standing institutions Capricorn and Saturn.

Neptune aspect pattern the framework and the trans. Ok folks, you are not getting the hint. And, while I hate to credit Fox with anything, but in this article is a direct quote…. In these conversations, I did not provide legal advice, nor, to the best of my recollection, did he provide confidential information. Jerry, I apologize; I just realized you were responding to my comment on the 25th, not the one earlier tonight. Sigh, blaming it on Mercury retrograde.

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Consider this: A candidate must be at minimum 35 to run for the presidency. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be 35 October 13, , just in time for the November election. Theoretically, she could run knowing she would be old enough by election day. Just speculating. Thank you, Will… all of those with the many variations of this disease struggle on to fight the good fight. I salute you in hanging in there with a job. Mine finally got too much… took early retirement. Trying to get the energy to sign into some online courses for grins and giggles… maybe even turn my minors in archaeology and philosophy into majors.

By: slightkc on March 27th, at am.

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I did a Tarot reading before Bush the Younger took office. Everything I saw in that reading has come true except for two items:. I hope like crazy we can avoid it, but I see no one with enough statesmanship… and ideas… who could bridge the chasm the Repugs have opened. And yet, compromise is the only way civilization continues. Bob… I just read a few minutes ago a cutout from the NY Times already ran thru my free reads … it said that it will takes some weeks for the report to reach the committee heads and Congress. Thanks, Elizabeth.

Took forever to stop feeling like my body was on fire from the inside out!

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They all rule under the guise of theocracy, and excuse their lies, thievery, etc. Just sounds like a setup for food riots, etc. Already, some of the shelves at the stores around here remind me of pictures of old Russian stores…. Two interesting developments since the Barr letter — one is that the trump campaign is now asking the networks to not invite anyone who talks about Russian collusion as they say barr has totally vindicated their boss. The second is an article about the similarity of bush v gore and the way the GOP is dealing with the barr letter — in they stopped the recounts and declared their guy the winner.

They are doing the same thing now saying their guy is vindicated and that is it. I just told hubby this EO coming from any Admin would have me seeing both good and bad sides of it. I bow to those with more knowledge and understanding. Eventually the emotional disturbance is gonna begin manifesting — probably in the hottest part of Summer! By: slightkc on March 27th, at pm. The special counsel officially concluded its investigation on Friday, but several loose ends remain.

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David Goodhand, an assistant U. During a brief open hearing Wednesday, the chief judge of the U. District Court, Beryl Howell, pressed Goodhand to say if the grand jury Mueller had been using in the case remained active. Slightkc, thanks for the acknowledgement.

Yes, it is scary. I worry, and then avoid the news for days or weeks, and then I worry some more. The real action goes on behind the scenes, among a few powerful people.

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Meanwhile, we pay attention to the DT show and get outraged, pointing fingers at the front men and women, while the real action is hidden. It will probably be 40 years before it is well understood. DT is saved for now and there is nothing but the outrage left to come. Will the noise change anything? Not unless people turn out en masse to vote, but there are forces ready to suffocate the vote.

Who reads the legislation except wonks? Who tracks the people hired and fired? The headlines are highly untrustworthy sources of information, as any history buff can tell. We see the headlines, but we are not able to see the changes behind them, in the entire structure, as events are happening. But the changes on the ground and the changes in the staffing and systems are what people will live with for a long time.

People like Pence, who are willing and powerful agents of their one-sided ideologies, who act largely silently behind the scenes at least until now , are so dangerous. With so much going on, and only a year to go, is there time enough to limit the damage?

October 13, , Bronx, New York, at a. Yes, I believe AO Cortez is someone whose time has come.

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Thanks Teresa, you are a good spotter!